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-=Mu Online=-

Servidor: MuDaRk
Puerto: 44405
Exp & Drops: 1500x & 90%
Mobs HP: 100%
Bless Bug: ON
Cuentas Totales: <%=tatalid%>
Personajes Totales: <%=tatalchar%>
Usuarios Online: <%=renshu%>/16

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Jugadores Online
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<%=rs("GameIDC")%> <%=rs("memb___id")%> <%=Right(rs("ConnectTM"),8)%> <%=rs("cLevel")%> <%=mapa%>

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Ultimos 10 Jugadores
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<%=rs("GameIDC")%> <%=rs("memb___id")%> <%=rs("DisConnectTM")%>